Alone Together

Alone. In life alone. In tango alone together.
We touch, leading, following, embraced by music, by another.
We connect, frightened by the powers of hope,
Yet we allow ourselves to flow into the rhythms,
Into the arms, into the melodic charms of tango.

My arm wraps your waist, your arm on mine,
Hand in hand, body on body, we move,
Grasping what gentle touch and tango will offer,
Seeking in sad, smiling, sweeping steps
The joyous, sensuous, secret moments of dreams.

I hold you, caught in your seeking, as I seek too.
You hold me, together wanting as one,
And finding in a moment, an instant, when we know us, both together,
Better than I know me, better than you know you,
Souls touching, alone together, in the thrusting rhythms of tango.

What are you saying to me? What do I say to you?
It is not just in the steps, the moves, the form,
For feet placed here, placed there, tell but a tiny part
Of all that my soul wants to show, to know,
There in all of you, being with you, you with me.

I seek you, dreaming that you seek me too.
We are one for a moment, embraced by balance, grace,
Souls and flesh entwined,
In the wonder of being together alone, alone together, You and me, in hopes, in dreams ... in tango.

Tim Beckham
April 24, 2015

Dancing to Piazzolla

Dancing to Piazzolla, my body moves,
My mind moves, my heart moves,
Within the contours of Astor’s soul,
And I know what he felt and thought,
I know how he carried in his heart those parts of life that sing.

Dancing to Piazzolla, I live,
With the heart he had for life,
A poignant honoring of what we mean,
All of us, here on earth, in that Universal Meaning,
That Astor captured, note by note, in a flow that carries us to Him.

Dancing to Piazzolla, I learn to forgive,
Because there is more to life than justice,
Or pride or even good or bad,
Because we are in our own, separate ways,
Living and loving out the same song, carrying each other.

Dancing to Pizzolla, I learn to love,
Not with the passion that so clearly rings in his melodies,
But with the sense of being with him and all to whom he sang,
Playing his bandoneon, living, struggling, lusting and moving on,
Each with his and her loves, carried by the greatest of Love.

Dancing to Piazzolla, I remember you,
And I see years of us together, as lovers or not,
Forgiving and dancing in heart and body,
Together knowing the melody that binds us in common humanity,
All because Piazzolla played his tangos and carried his loving tune.

Dancing to Piazzolla, I hold you in my arms.
I live with you, in you, in my heart,
For years to come, loving you, whether you or I are hurt or not,
Because Piazzolla, in some strange way told me,
In melodies sweet, that I am safe in your heart and you in mine.

Dancing to Piazzolla, I will love you forever,
Because Astor’s songs will live on for me,
And I cannot forget loving you to his songs,
And being in your arms, and holding you to me,
And I will carry you in heart and memory, singing with Astor all the way.