Did I Know?

Did I know that horizons and boundaries,
Far from limiting,
Are thresholds to the infinite,
Before I met you?

Did I know that heartbeats,
Holding my body in a prison of passions,
Can free me to sing and fly,
When you, my drummer, set their rhythms?

Did you give me meaning and vision?
No, for light has always filled my days,
But never before you, did the stars of night
Sing their love songs to the shining sun.

Tim Beckham
April 24, 2015

Did You Ever?

Did you ever feel the passions of lost youth,
Surge through you like a river, unleashed,
Sending waves of liquid life through your veins,
Running and driving you into lonely desire,
Singing to you of the life you could live,
If only you would?

Did you ever find in the morning's sun,
A whisper of you, drifting in and out of reverie,
Longing for wisdom, but finding only an animal,
Who sings in its rough, raw roaring,
A soft song of tenderest passion,
That only can come from a lost and loving beast?

Did you ever wonder why you crave to be free
Of all the comforts and steadiness
That make our lives long and stable,
Sensing that the chaos under your yearning,
Cries not for order and reason,
But for the embrace of a silent soul reaching for you.

Tim Beckham

Did you know?

Did you know that the sun misses the moon?
No one knows, but the sun is in love with the moon.
The sun is too proud to say,
But as he goes down and the earth shrouds herself in mystery,
He takes one last look at his rising love,
And is jealous of his fellow stars.

We are right in missing one another.
We can only circle our skies of today,
But we can remember that soon
There will be a certain, rising sun
Bringing shining smiles into your day
With love rising, again and again at your side.

And when that lover reveals his bright sky before him,
His passion, like the setting moon, smiles
And kisses her rays back to his yearning joy,
Setting that fire once again,
That soars and roars, bringing radiant glory,
In an enchanting, eternal cycle of love.

Tim Beckham
May 1, 2013